Additional depth alarm setups

Freediving tracker – DiveBud – uses triggers to notify the diver of their depth and time checkpoints. Here are some of the common trigger setups. Trigger makes a sound conditioned on depth or time of the dive and here are a few examples.

Positive buoyancy point

In this example, we keep the 20m target depth. Let’s presume the diver weighs themselves to be neutrally buoyant at about 12m.

As in the previous scenario, the first long beep will sound when the 20m target depth is reached. After that, when 8m depth is reached while ascending, two long beeps will indicate the positive buoyancy point. Freediving tracker DiveBud allows freedivers to setup a ascending alarms. From this point, the diver may choose to reduce kicking and ascent passively.

The apricot arrow indicates the direction in which the depth is reached: ascending.

Hanging at depth

In this example, the diver is planning to hang for 15 seconds at 20 meters. The first trigger will make one short beep at 20 meters. The second trigger will start a timer at 20 meters and make one long beep after 15 seconds.

The lavender text “& 15” indicates 15 seconds measured from the point when 20m depth is reached. In other words, for the long beep to sound two conditions must be met: 20m depth must be reached and 15 seconds must pass.

If the diver ascents before 15 seconds are over, the trigger will cancel, no sound will be made.

Free fall and mouth fill

In this scenario, the diver aims to dive to 30 meters. The weights are chosen to be neutrally buoyant at about 12m, so the free fall point will be at 15 meters.

The first trigger will indicate the free fall point at 15 meters: one short beep. The second trigger will make two short beeps to indicate the mouth fill depth. The third trigger will make one long beep to indicate the target depth.

Total dive time

In this scenario, we add one more safety trigger to indicate half of the diver’s max time underwater.

Let’s presume the diver doesn’t want to exceed 2 minutes time limit underwater. The trigger at 1m depth will start the timer that counts the total diving time. After 60 seconds it will make one long sound.

If the target depth is not reached within 60 seconds, the diver will need to return to stay under the time limit.

If the 30m depth is reached before 60 seconds mark, the diver will hear the long beep. Another long beep will be made at 60 seconds mark. By that time the diver will be on the way back, knowing the time limit was not exceeded.


We hope these typical scenarios will help you set up your DiveBud for your specific training plan. Contact us on Facebook or WhatsApp and let us know if you have any questions.