This product includes all you need in one package:

  1. Freediving computer DiveBud.
  2. DiveBud charger with USB-C plug.
  3. Extra flexible charging cable USB-A to USB-C.
  4. Neck lanyard for your DiveBud.
  5. Clip for attaching DiveBud to your mask or wetsuite.
  6. Convenient carrying case for the DiveBud and all accessories. It’s big enough to keep all the items above together. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket.

NOTE: Phone and a mask are not included.

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For Australia: Free shipping via Australian post.

For other regions: Please contact us before ordering.

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 cm

3 reviews for DiveBud – freediving computer, dive tracker and depth alarm

  1. John P.

    Main reason for me Divebud is better than a watch, is that watch tells you where you were, but Divebud tells you where you are. Many competitive freedivers take their watch off and tuck it in their hood to hear the alarms… hence, Divebud.

  2. Bizo

    I love this thing.

  3. Luke H.

    The DiveBud is extremely user-friendly. Depth and time alarms can be programmed with an associated smartphone app, and you can adjust the device to account for the salinity of the water (depth measurements are affected by salinity). A most-useful feature is that the DiveBud tracks your depth and speed to create a “graph” of your dives. The sampling rate is high enough that I was able to accurately count all of my strokes during a -64m CNF (no-fins) dive.

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