Freediving alarms for spearfishing

spearfishing with diving computer divebud

Spearfishing is an activity of catching fish underwater using a spear or a speargun used by humans for centuries. We have many friends who actively and regularly train to be better spearfishers by extending their breath holds and training in a pool.

Let’s see how freediving computer DiveBud can help you with that. Spearfishing involves repetitive freediving to some comfortable depths and staying at those depths to catch a fish. So it is recommended that a spearfisher dives within 60-80% of their limits (maximum depth they can reach and the time they can stay underwater). But how do we know our limits?


The first thing, of course, is to know your limits. Normally a freediver would train with a safety line and a buddy to identify their depth and time limits. Spearfishers need to understand and know their body well.

Once the spearfisher knows their boundaries, they can involve themselves in safe and sustainable fish hunting.

Spearfisher who dives deeper than 80% of their maximum depth quickly becomes tired. Such a practice is neither sustainable nor safe. So the first thing to do is to set a very prominent alarm for 80% of their maximum depth. In this example, we set the max depth alarm to 24 meters (assuming that our maximum depth is 30 meters).

Also, we would like to have a reminder on when it’s time to go back to the surface. Of course, if we feel the urge to breathe, we can go back sooner, but guarding the total time of the dive is a good practice. In this example, we have a long prominent beep at 80 seconds of diving, meaning it is time to go back to the surface.

extended depth alarm for spearfishing

Similar to freediving training alarms blue water spearfishers may want to have additional alarms for mouth fills and glide down. 

In this example, we combine the mouth fill with the glide down at 12 meters, but that depends on your gear and the type of water you are diving in.

Finally, DiveBud can help us navigate better. The good practice is to set a few alarms for certain depths so we know where we are. This is done by adding two sets of alarms at 10 and 20 meters both descending and ascending.

complex spearfishing depth alarms