Video Tutorials on DiveBud

The full list of the tutorials can be watched on our YouTube channel.

1. What’s in the box

Freediving computer DiveBud – unboxing experience. In this video, we show all the items you receive in the box when you order a DiveBud.

2. Wake up & Pair with the app

In this video, we show you how to wake up your freediving computer DiveBud (at 1:35), install the app and how to pair your DiveBud with the app. We support both – DiveBud for iOS and DiveBud for Android apps.

3. Setup DiveBud alarms

In this video we demonstrate how to setup the DiveBud for diving:

1. Select the water type

2. Add a descending an an ascending alarms

3. Make sure the time interval signal is turned on.

4. How to use DiveBud underwater

Coming soon…