Freediving gear most important item?

What is the most important part of freediving gear? Well arguably it is a mask, fins and weights. Or may be it is a dive computer? Without a mask a freediver can not see much under water, however as experience of a diver growths and depth grows some people switch to no mask noise clip freediving. As for fins – they are certainly recommended for recreational use as they ease the self propulsion, however dynamics no fins and constant weight no fins performed without fins. Weights? In the warm waters divers may choose to not use weights, especially if they go deeper than 20 meters.

So what about reliable freediving computer? Divers need an reliable instrument for depth and dives tracking and our memory not always great source for storing such an information. That is where dive computer is coming into play. This is important because freediver needs to know their depth limits for safe progression. So, freediving dive watch is arguably one of the most important feediving gear divers should get.

In DiveBud we create a day ordered list of dive logs:

How many times divers struggle with cable not working or watch that requires an extra cable (to purchase separately) to download dives. DiveBud naturally integrates both dive logs and devices controls into wireless interface and allow for users to access their data seamlessly without any additional gear required.

DiveBud also allows you to share your data, so that your dive logs belong to you.

Get your DiveBud today.

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