Greek national record 75m

Three records this summer with Divebud

This northern hemisphere summer was full of amazing records from freedivers around the world. We followed national and world championships and selected three dives that you can watch and also see Divebud logs of. We start with our deepest Australian female freediver – Amber Bourke – who […]

Independent divebud review

We are excited to share that our humble Divebud got reviewed by professionals – Jennifer Morgan and Walid Boudhiaf – which is available at Review tacks about device reliability and accuracy – and highlights the simplicity of the usage of DiveBud. We would like to […]

Interview with Noob Spero

Divebud team happy to announce that we spent more than an hour with Noob Spero talking about freediving and spearfishing and off course freediving computer Dievebud. Hope you will enjoy the discussion about freediving computers, freediving safety and spearfishing.Listen to our discussion here:

New DiveBud v 1.1

Unique freediving computer DiveBud v1.1

Freediving computer with acoustic feedback – DiveBud – just got a long anticipated update. We are excited to announce the DiveBud version 1.1, in which we incorporated the feedback provided by our early adopters.  The DiveBud got new updates: Surface time signal and the surface time feedback […]

lake freediving

Art of Freediving in a lake

Freediving in the lake can definitely be a fun and bring lots of enjoyment, however it can also be challenging. Here we discuss main aspects of freediving in lakes and share the best preparation tips. How should you prepare your mindthe? your weight belt? your freediving computer? […]