Freediving computer DiveBud and fantastic surface intervals

freediving computer divebud knows surface intervals

We are excited to announce that freediving computer DiveBud just has got two new functions: measuring surface time and the surface time signal.


What is surface time?

freediving computer divebud report surface intervals
Surface time, also known as surface interval, is essentially the time between consecutive dives that a freediver spends on the surface breathing normally. Surface time allows freedivers to recover needed oxygen, remove excess of CO2 and nitrogen from their blood and mussels. This is a perfect time to recover from any accumulated fatigue and rest.


Measuring surface time

We use the surface time calculation recommended by AIDA. The time measurement is added automatically between your consecutive dives. Open the Dive Logs screen to inspect it in the app. Tap on the measurement to get more detailed information about each interval.

Surface time signal

freediving computer divebud turn on surface timer
freediving computer divebud surface interval on

We added a special surface time signal to DiveBud. Three short beeps alarm will notify the freediver after they spent enough time on the surface. The calculation takes into account the depth and the duration of the previous dive.

Both features are aimed to increase freediver’s safety by providing instant feedback on surface intervals and helping to plan future dives. Stay safe!

Those who has purchased DiveBud will need to update the application to get the surface time features. 

We hope you enjoy this functionality, and please give us your feedback.

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