Unique freediving computer DiveBud v1.1

New DiveBud v 1.1

Freediving computer with acoustic feedback – DiveBud – just got a long anticipated update.

We are excited to announce the DiveBud version 1.1, in which we incorporated the feedback provided by our early adopters. 

The DiveBud got new updates:

  1. Surface time signal and the surface time feedback functions. The surface time signal lets the freediver know when they spent enough recovery time on the surface. Surface time feedback is displayed between the dives in the app. It allows the freedivers to understand their surface breathing time better and adjust it if required.
  2. Better charging experience – charge any time, anywhere, even while driving your car. Charging clip has been improved to hold the DiveBud reliably. Improved terminals allow better longevity of the device and more reliable charging.
  3. Both the charging and the mask clips got better. We really care for you not losing your DiveBud, so we improved the clips’ design and the materials to ensure you never squander your freediving computer.
  4. Last but not least, the DiveBud comes with a better packaging now!

Enjoy DiveBud version 1.1!

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