Three records this summer with Divebud

Greek national record 75m

This northern hemisphere summer was full of amazing records from freedivers around the world. We followed national and world championships and selected three dives that you can watch and also see Divebud logs of. 

We start with our deepest Australian female freediver – Amber Bourke – who competed at Vertical Blue 2023 and set a new national Australian record with mono-fin in CWT. Incredible 81 meter dive you can watch on this video and see here freediving computer Divebud log which was shared with us after the event. 

Here we can see that divelog recording to 80m because head of a diver not necessary needs to be at the depth of the bottom plate.

Dive log from divebud for Ambers national record 81M

The second dive we brought to you today is a dive made by Greek national record holder Fayrouz Mehdawi who dove to 75m depth using bi-fins. Incredible performance from a many time titled athlete and this time she sets a new nation record using bi-fins. Notice how stable is the speed graph as the bi-fins fining produces constant progression.

Fayrouz Mehdawi 75m national greek record with bi fins

Last but not least – we brought you a world record dive from Alexey Molchanov. Alexey has had a great year and been setting many records in mono-fin, free immersion and even constant weight no fins. This dive made Alexey’s the deepest self assisted freediver on Earth with whooping 136m depth.

Divebud speed log –  was a recent addition to the shared logs –  and allows freedivers to count athletes strokes or mono-fin movements to analyze their dives.

Can you count how many kicks did Alexey do?

Alexey Molchanove world record 136 meters CWT

Please watch Alexey’s dive with this video on youtube.

We congratulate all athletes with their incredible dives and wish them deep and safe dives. Surely it is just the beginning.